A Gun Ban?

The political and social climate right now (in the U.S.A.) is nothing less than hostile to gun owners and firearms fans. Right-to-bear-arms and Second Amendment issues aside, the practical matter is that if they ban your weapons of choice (guns), you don't need to be left defenseless. A safety-minded individual needs to have the best means of defense available to them. The tool that levels the field the best is a firearm. But when carrying, owning, or transporting a firearm isn't an option, always have a backup weapon available.
Comtech Stingers are perfect backup weapons. They might very well be the last line of defense for most people, but in many situations they serve as the only line of defense. In fact, every gun owner (even a CCL holder) would do well to carry a Stinger on their keychain or in their purse.
As an advocate for the RKBA and a gun owner, it's easy to get frustrated with the news - and even scared at the real prospect of a gun ban, an "assault weapons" ban, and restrictions of magazine capacities. For anyone who knows the facts, has read history, and has common sense - these types of restrictions are not only unjust and anti-Constitutional but they don't accomplish what the anti-gunners claim they will accomplish. (Supposedly, lower crime rates and a utopian world.)
With all that said, it's not only a good time to exercise your rights (in regards to firearms) but to prepare for the what-ifs. Stock up on your defenses in all areas - and that includes things that are non-gun related. You just never know what you might need, in what situation you'll be placed, and what is over the horizon. Adding a few Stingers to your "arsenal" is not only a prudent move for many reasons, but there's no downside. (So do it now, while you're thinking about it!)

Why the Comtech Stinger is a Must-Have Gun Ban Weapon
comtech stingers

It's Unlikely to Be Banned

The anti-gun hysteria has demonized shooters, and made guns look "evil". The hand-wringing has resulted in calls for bans and for "something" to be "done" about the availability of firearms. Be that as it may, they will never ban all weapons, and smart people will have multiple means of defense. The Stinger is one such means of defense, and is not on the radar of anyone for a ban - nor is it likely to be banned.


It's Virtually Undetectable

Guns, knives, and even pepper spray contain (or are made of) metal. They are detectable from metal detectors and other scanning devices - and bringing them with you may be impossible in certain places. The Comtech Stinger is made of polymer (like much of a Glock handgun!) and will not show up on any metal-detecting apparatus. It's small size makes it easily concealable as well.


It's Easily Replaceable

Many of our customers order two or three Stingers. Why? To have backups. The cost is negligible, so it pays to have more than one - for redundancy and because if your every-day Stinger is ever lost it's a simple matter to replace it with another.

Choose Color:

Only $10 per Stinger. Choose the color, and pay securely. Shipping is free to US addresses. (Sorry, I do not ship internationally at this time.)

A final word about bans on firearms. For what it's worth: a gun ban in the U.S. has happened before. And it's likely to happen again to some degree. The best course of action is to buy whatever you can, while you can. And keep a low profile.